A handy gift for health - a plastic grapefruit peel

Graduated grapefruit, a snack that is both delicious and healthy, is the favorite food of today. What are the uses of the dried grapefruit peel? If you are planning to lose weight, this is a smart choice for you because the plastic grapefruit cover is very good for weight loss. In addition to the use of plastic hulls are also very healthy health benefits that we do not expect.
The dried grapefruit peel is processed 100% from the natural pomelo peel according to the technical process with strict inspection of the processing parameters to preserve all the compounds beneficial for health. Thus, the dried grapefruit peel retains all the benefits of the pomelo peel, though processed. The following are some of the benefits of plasticised grapefruit peel:
Công dụng của vỏ bưởi sấy dẻo
The use of plastic grapefruit drying: weight loss
Inside the plastic grapefruit cover still contains polyphenol compounds with special biological activity to help burn fat in the body quickly and efficiently. It also reduces the absorption of cholesterol and fat by high fiber and pectin. Therefore, excess fat and calories in the body are burned quickly to reduce fat accumulation leading to obesity weight gain. The use of plastic hulls drying]
  Besides, the 100% dried grapefruit peel from the natural grapefruit peel still preserves the combination of sweet taste just to help stimulate the taste, create new taste, reduce the appetite of people in the mode. Diet.
Công dụng của vỏ bưởi sấy dẻo
Use of plastic grapefruit drying: increase resistance
The inside of the grapefruit contains a great deal of vitamin C and many of the compounds that help the body boost the immune system naturally to prevent colds, flu and other infections. Along with the pleasant aroma of dried grapefruit peel helps to make the spirit of relaxation more relaxed and comfortable. The use of flexible plastic grapefruit
The use of plastic grapefruit drying: improve intestinal health
Inside the peel of pomelo contains many compounds that have effective anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial as well as pectin, naringin, glucose compounds, so that when the indigestion, dyspepsia, bloating, just eat a little The dried grapefruit peel will feel better. In addition, this is a very good food for people with diabetes, kidney stones because the compounds inside the grapefruit skin help the body remove excess fluids accumulate and control the blood glucose index in the body. Understanding the use of pomelo peel, Nong Lam Foods Co., Ltd. has used the processing method according to the development process from scientific research at Ho Chi Minh Agriculture and Forestry School, completely from natural without using extra The toxic chemical to make the product dried peeled moisturizing gum. So, come to us, we will send you the gift of health benefits for yourself, your family and friends.
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