About us

Food ingredients, especially vegetable materials such as fruits, vegetables, herbs. Besides providing the necessary nutrients for the body, depending on the type also contains many biologically active benefits for many different aspects for the health of the user. Most of these active ingredients are not stable, often damaged or greatly reduced if the raw material preservation methods, processing parameters and storage conditions are not appropriate.
NongLamFood selects ingredients that have good health benefits for processing. Processing process was researched at Faculty of Food Technology - University of Agriculture and Forestry of Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. The actual processing is then strictly controlled to 'preserve the value that nature gives' in each product. All steps from research, processing and distribution are conducted with high expertise, passion, dedication, and love to create products that are useful for the health of the user and serve the community.
Nong Lam Food originated from Nong Lam University of Agriculture and Forestry. Ho Chi Minh City, was established in April 2015 and is a member of the Enterprise Technology Center of the University. NongLamFood is not only the brand but also the heart of the scientists who have been trained for many years from the developed countries, the passion of the students devoted to the development of society.
NongLamFood is supported by FTIE (Food Technology & Innovation Experts), a technical advisory group composed of food experts, professors, doctors and masters working in universities.

Provide safe food, protect and enhance health
Raising the position of Vietnamese food in the world
Core values
Passion for serving others: Profits on money are not the primary goal. Developed to serve the community better and deeper.
Honesty, integrity and fairness: for customers, partners, and in the collective
Responsible: Responsible action, hygiene, product safety, and environmental concern.
Love, respect and understanding: Acting for love and passion, respecting the customer more than yourself, sympathizing with others and with oneself.
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