Beauty of tea bag filter and the unexpected effect

Wash face with tea bag filter to clean the skin
Cleansing the face of tea bags filter effect to remove dirt but extremely safe with the skin. Green tea also works great for pores. You put the green tea in ice cube tray and freeze overnight, the next morning you will have the cool green tea massage to massage the face, while helping to refresh, refreshing and beautiful skin smooth. For the convenience of washing the face with tea bag filter, you can mix green tea and store it in the refrigerator cooler to use gradually, however, to keep the tea components beneficial, you should only use the maximum in 2 days.
rửa mặt bằng trà túi lọc
wash the face with tea bag filter
Wash face with tea filter bag to clean and healthy skin
Tea cleanser and tea mask help acne
Did you know that 80% of acne is caused by dirt in the air, bacterial proliferation from the skin is not properly cleansed and the sebum, excess oil on the skin build up blackheads or cause inflammation. Green tea with excellent skin cleansing helps reduce acne and prevent swelling of new acne. Green tea leaves are highly effective in disinfecting and disinfecting, which will make the acne worse and help the skin in the healing scar. You can apply the following formula: First you need to treat tea bag filter or fresh green tea to cleanse to clean dirt, sebum. Then you leave fresh green leaves for juice and then use cotton swabs on the swollen acne.
rửa mặt bằng trà túi lọc
wash the face with tea bag filter
After about 30 minutes, you wash your face again with tea bag filter or green tea
Wash face with tea bag filter to help exfoliate
Use warm water to wash your face. When washing your face, do not forget to massage gently on the skin for 5 minutes in a circle and from the bottom up. Then rinse your face with clean water. Cleansing the face with tea bag filter and massage will help the dead cells effectively to smooth the skin and blurring bruises, while the massage action makes blood circulation better, your face will then become pink, toned and full of vitality.
rửa mặt bằng trà túi lọc
7F is perfect for health and skin
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