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Introduction of pomelo peel - grapefruit
Grapefruit peel extracted from grapefruit, northern called fruit. Grapefruit is a large tree about 3-4m high, light brown stems, branches with long spines. The green eggshell is about 4-5cm in length, 11-13cm in length, large flowers in clusters, very fragrant. Fruit sphere, very thick shell.
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Distribution and harvesting pomelos in our country
Grapefruit is an easy-to-grow fruit that is grown everywhere, distributed in all regions of Vietnam. The flowering season is usually in April-May and results in August-October every year. Farmers mainly produce fruits for sale. And more especially after using the people also use pomelo peel for processing so many other health benefits such as:
- The composition of the essential oil is in the dried grapefruit peel and the ability to prevent diseases due to lack of fiber such as cancer, heart disease, ...
- Treatment of indigestion, abdominal pain, cough, ...
- Treatment of hair loss, stimulating hair growth - Treatment of scalp fungus and the most effective way to lose weight.
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When the grapefruit peel is used as a jam
mua vỏ bưởi sấy dẻo ở đâu
So where to buy plastic grapefruit peel?
It is due to the richness of the processing of pomelo peel should today. There are many articles about pomelo peel on the market, no label, no clear ingredients. Use harmful preservatives and more. People are poisoning themselves by using colorants and bleach to make the skin more flexible. Indifference in the mindset of the seller has directly harmed the health of consumers.
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You are wondering where to buy the best quality and health.
Our company will solve the concern for customers "buy plastic hulls where to be flexible plastic - delicious cheap. Commitment to bring customers top-quality products across the domestic market and abroad.
mua vỏ bưởi sấy dẻo ở đâu
Buy plastic grapefruit cover where
Nong Lam Food brings new, safe and quality products
Nong Lam Food is one of the specialized suppliers of fruit crusts. Especially, the plastic hull is safe plastic, quality with a team of many doctors and experts in the research industry should produce.
The product has been hygienic food safety - Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City announced compliance with food safety regulations.
You need more information about the product please contact the address below. We will advise enthusiastic 24/7 customer. For public health.
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