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Dried passion fruit Nonglamfood 45g

Categories: Dried Passion Fruits

Product Code: CDN45

Please contact website http://vietnamdriedfruit.com for bulk order and for export.

Benefits of passion fruit:

1. Rich in antioxidant compounds (polyphenols, anthocyanins, vitamins of all kinds)

2. Rich in nutritional compounds such as vitamins A, C, beta-carotene, flavonoids, good for the eyes

3. Protect from the risk of anemia because passion fruit contains iron and other nutrients

4. Contains many minerals needed for bones

5. Good for liver and skin health

Products of NongLamFood are researched and developed by scientists from Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City and Ghent University, Belgium.

The manufacturing process applies advanced infrared drying technology from Korea, which retains all the nutritional content and makes products softer and tastier.

Materials are carefully selected from indigenous regions of Vietnam. They are kept full of flavors and values from nature.

After many years of operation and development, we have achieved remarkable achievements and prestigious certificates in the field of healthy agricultural product processing: High Quality Vietnamese Goods, HACCP, ISO22000: 2015, GMP…

NongLamFood's products are now available at all clean food stores, specialty and gift stores, chains of supermarkets and convenience stores in Vietnam such as BigC, AEON, Lotte Mart, VinMart, CoopMart, Cirkle K, Ministop....

In addition, our tropical dried fruit products have been exported and loved in many countries around the world such as EU, Australia, Singapore, Russia... and other fastidious markets such as the US, Japan...

Product Information

Name of Product: Dried Passion Fruit, 45 g, aluminum bag

Brand: Nong Lam Food - Preserving The Value of Nature

Product Code: CDN45

Net Weight: 45 g

Expiry Date: 12 months

Ingredients: Passion fruit (93.3%), sugar (6.5%), acidity regulator (E330).

Storage Conditions: Store in cool and dry places, avoid direct sunlight.

Instruction for usage: Use directly, consume within 10 days after opening.

Warnings: Do not consume product when it shows signs of deterioration or mold growth.

Production Number: 5547/2018/BQLATTP-HCM