Grapefruit pomade of precious folk medicine

Treating fatty liver
Grapefruit contains 2.5-3.2% total flavonoids to protect liver cells, atherosclerosis, reduce blood fat and treat fatty liver. Therefore, apart from the use of grapefruit gut to detoxify the liver, you should not ignore the pomelo peel. After eating grapefruit you should keep the shell and then dry the yellow star and then drink water to aid in healing.
Good for digestion
In the grapefruit peel contains a lot of essential oils are beneficial for the digestive system, when eating indigestible or diarrhea you can use the pomelo peel. You can use dried peel skins to cook water or can eat crispy peeled grapefruit from Nong Lam Agriculture University of Agriculture. The essential oils in the grapefruit peel will support and enhance the immunity of your digestive system. At the same time, it helps strengthen the stool motion and relieve constipation symptoms.
the use of pomelos
công dụng của bưởi
Grapefruit crispy drying extremely good for the digestive system
Cure diabetes
With diabetic patients in addition to eating intestinal grapefruit, pomelo peel also has a very effective healing. Grapefruit skins usually contain a lot of essential oils and fiber, such as hemicellulose and pectin, which help lower cholesterol levels. It also improves blood sugar levels with the beneficial oils contained in the pomelo peel.
Grapefruit odor
Grapefruit contains a lot of essential oils are very fragrant so eating crusted dried grapefruit from Nong Lam University can help reduce bad breath. Or you can use grapefruit peel to make tea to drink or use to rinse is also very effective. Grapefruit grapefruit also has the ability to treat foot odor very well just you soak feet with water from the pomelo peel. Using water with a pomelo peel for bathing, shampoo is also a very good natural bath water, has a natural scent and treats dandruff or rash.
the use of pomelos
công dụng của bưởi
Grapefruit helps to alleviate hair loss, dandruff, and natural healing
Grapefruit helps refresh your mood
In the grapefruit contains vitamin C and aromatic oils, the aroma of pomelos peel is very pleasant to the user. In the morning or at work stress you can use a cup of tea with a little bit of grapefruit will help you feel better, more comfortable spirit. You can also carry a few grapefruit or grapefruit skins on your side to apply on your nose when stressed. They will help you regain your spirit and inspire your work. Or you can drink tea and eat a crispy crust of dried pomelos from Nong Lam Agriculture and Food University is also a good suggestion. Grapefruit drying in Nong Lam Food is one of the dried shell always selected by consumers. Because of the beneficial effects that peel grapefruit bring health is extremely good. Besides, the dried pomelo shell is produced on modern technological lines, carefully selected pomelo peel, clear origin, no toxic chemicals. And 100% safe with the health of the consumer, has been certified by the Ministry of Health, but the price is perfectly reasonable.
công dụng của bưởi
Nong Lam Food specializes in providing crispy crisp-quality dried peas
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