Home cough treatment is very simple and effective with pomelo peel

Cough effect of pomelo peel
Citrus grandis (L) Osbeck grapefruit grapefruit is popularly known as pineapple, orange orchid, citrus ... not only a delicious fruit, rich in nutrients, but also in many grapefruit. As used for display on the occasion, Tet or the mother used to make tea, make salad or shampoo for smooth hair, beauty bath ... According to traditional medicine, Bitter, temperate, with the use of sprays, sputum, sputum should be used to treat digestive and respiratory diseases such as cough home remedies, very good sputum clearance nhé!
 cough at home
cough at home
Grapefruit pomade is very effective cough cough effective
According to modern medicine, pomelo peel contains many essential oils including citrate and esters, vitamins A, C, pectin, hesperidin, naringin, ramonza and peroxydase enzymes, amylase .... , in the liver to digest, prevent hemorrhage, heat, detoxification, mental refreshing or coughing, persistent cough ...
Recipes cough home remedies
To treat cough at home with pomelo peel, you can apply the following formulas:
- Cough cough
Ingredients: 10g grapefruit 10, diameter or sugar alum are.
How to do: You remove the peel cleansing grapefruit and then into a microfiber, then peel the grapefruit into a small cup, steamed water to drink water 3 times a day. If you eat the grapefruit peel, the better. Take this procedure continuously for 3-5 days, which is considered to be the simplest and most effective home cough remedy.
- Cure cough
Ingredients: 500g - 1kg of grapefruit peel, 120g dried onions, 1 piece of juniper, 150-250g of white sugar.
How to do: You clean the grapefruit, onions, and then all the ingredients into the kettle to drink about 3 times a day. Continuous use for 9 days for the highest efficiency.
 cough at home
cough at home
Consistently use the pomelo peel to achieve the best results
In addition to using grapefruit peel to treat cough at home, the pomelo peel can also be used as a delicious and attractive moisturizing jelly that is a mixture of dried grapefruit peel. Grapefruit peel is not simply a jar to enjoy but it is also effective for healing and is good for health. This is one of the foods extremely good for the elderly to help lower cholesterol, good for the digestive system, reduce the process of aging skin. Especially, this is a very ideal dish to use when drinking tea, while adding nutrients is extremely safe. Come to Nong Lam Food to own all-natural dried fruit products, and are extremely good for health.
 cough at home
cough at home
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