How important is a traditional Tet gift box?

The custom of giving Vietnamese traditional Tet gift boxes
The old Tet gifts when the economy is still difficult are quite simple and simple. Although it is just a pair of banh chung, gio giay, peach branch, apricot branch or perpetual pot, ... but it contains many feelings and hearts of the donor to the donor. Giving Tet gifts to tighten friendly and sustainable relationships is also a blessing and prosperity in the new year. Gradually, the economic life of people is growing and better. The custom of giving each other gifts every Tet is still preserved and brought high meaning from the life passed down.
Traditional Tet gift box
Traditional Tet gift box
However, the present gifts are more diverse and beautiful and luxurious such as premium tea, gift baskets, foreign beer and wine, ...
The traditional Tet gift box is one of the many gifts that have been chosen since ancient times. With the variety of colors and designs of Tet gift boxes, people have more choices of gifts that are suitable to their abilities. Although life changes, good practices are kept. Gift boxes still follow the people who want to go to places, bringing Tet holiday full of affection, prosperity and prosperity.
The meaning of traditional Tet gift boxes
For both recipients as well as donors, a meaningful Tet gift will help them feel satisfied and happy. Traditional Tet gift boxes after many years, amidst a plethora of choices of Tet gifts, still have not lost its value but are still trusted by many customers.
Although Tet is a simple and familiar gift, it is considered as a signal for Tet. Just see the gift box, gift basket in a small shop also help people feel the warm Tet atmosphere is coming all the way of the Vietnamese people.
Traditional Tet gift box
Traditional Tet gift box
Whenever spring comes, those who are far away feel homesick and want to be with their families more than ever
Although not beautiful and sparkling, the traditional Tet gift boxes still show the cultural and meaningful meaning of the nation's great traditional festivals. The gifts given are like giving each other love, instead of words to say, the gift of the gift giver to the recipient in the new year.
It is always the end of the year when the Tet air is crept across the road and flooded into every corner of every house. The hearts of people become eager, eager and also busy preparing for the new year fully. Therefore, many people do not have enough time to learn and choose to buy Tet gifts that are meaningful and suitable for themselves. However, no matter how beautiful the gift is, the quality of the gift must always be guaranteed. It is not difficult for us to choose a nice Tet gift box, but it is not easy to choose Tet gift baskets or quality Tet gift boxes.
Traditional Tet gift box
Traditional Tet gift box
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