How to make lemon juice cool for hot summer days with blender

Prepare materials
To make a lemonade, we need to prepare the following ingredients:
- 4 lemons.
- 100ml of fresh milk.
- 1 box of condensed milk.
- 100ml of filtered water.
- Street.
- Grinded ice.
To get a glass of lemon juice is delicious, cool the most important thing is the selection of lemon croissant so fresh, not pestilent or rancid!
How to make lemon juice
The most important ingredients are fresh lemon, lime
How to make lemon juice with a blender
To continue the process of making lemonade, we need to follow the steps below:
Step 1: Remove the lemons, cut them in half, then scoop out the intestines, then add 100ml of water to the lime juice. Use a sieve to remove the string lemon, take only the juice.
Step 2: Put the lemon core mixture in the blender along with fresh milk, condensed milk and sugar (you can reduce the amount of sugar according to your taste), grind the mixture smoothly. .
Step 3: Pour the smoothie into the glass, add a little ice in the glass to cool it and enjoy it!
How to make lemon juice
Lemon juice is cool for summer days are very popular
Here is how to make lemon juice extremely simple that any friend can do. How to do not be too complicated but you have to give yourself a glass of sour lemon juice, sweet and fragrant to invite family and friends to enjoy it!
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How to make lemon juice
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