What is herbal tea? How great is the application?

What is herbal tea?
Tea is a familiar drink that nature offers to humans and has been used by humans for thousands of years. Although it is called tea, its ingredients do not contain tea leaves, but the ingredients used to make herbal teas are leaves, seeds, shells, or roots of fresh herbs used in the form of fresh or dried leaves, by soaking. braked with hot water. What is herbal tea?
A nutritious product easily absorbed into the body through oral liquid
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What is the use of herbal tea magic?
From the natural herbs that are close to nature, through the rigorous selection and processing technology on modern lines, the company produces quality herbal teas that help the user to treat and treat many diseases. sick. There are hundreds of thousands of different herbal teas, each with its own unique use. Here are some typical uses of the herbal tea we refer to: + Antioxidant effect: Using herbal tea regularly reduces the risk of cardiovascular, atherosclerosis, cancer, slow down the development of the tumor ... especially women will feel the difference of clear lanes due to a period of using herbal tea because in herbal tea contains strong antioxidant ingredients For smooth skin to reduce the aging process. Active support in the process of reducing fat, weight loss: Herbal tea is characterized by rich in micronutrients, vitamins and minerals, but contains less calories so this product has a good effect in reducing fat, weight loss. Using teatox tea is a beauty trend applied by many sisters. Unlike other weight loss methods, using herbal tea to lose weight women do not need to squeeze the body fast food completely avoid micronutrient deficiency in the diet menu. What is herbal tea?
Herbal tea helps to actively lose weight effectively
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+ Anti-bacterial, viral and anti-fungal effects: Herbs such as honeysuckle, chrysanthemum flowers, flowers ... have anti-bacterial, anti-virus and anti-fungal effects. These herbs have the effect of bactericidal in two different mechanisms or biocidal, or support the body's natural immunity. Modern life, polluted air environment plus climate change, diseases make people vulnerable to dangerous diseases. To protect your health and family members need to use functional foods, herbal tea to nourish the body, detoxify, prevent aging and the spirit is always comfortable to work and TB motion.
What is herbal tea?
Here we know what is herbal tea? And what's the use of it. So where to buy tea to ensure food safety?
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You can buy herbal tea products by Faculty of Food Technology - University of Agriculture and Forestry of Ho Chi Minh City. Research and development via website http://nonglamfood.com for support purchase advice.
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