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Why squash helps to lose weight?
food to reduce belly fat
Pumpkin provides plenty of vitamins
thức ăn giảm mỡ bụng
According to oriental medicine, squash is also known as the sweet taste of welding, into the business, bladder, bladder, taste, no toxins. The effect of suicide, gas, water. Consequently, eating a lot of squash helps to eliminate excess water in the body, resulting in a slimmer body shape. Blueberries have less calories and more fiber, so the amount of hyterin - caperic in this vegetable is able to control the fat metabolism to prevent the accumulation of fat in the body, preventing obesity. , is the best belly fat diet.
These dishes are processed from squash
food to reduce belly fat
thức ăn giảm mỡ bụng
Smooth collagen, beautiful skin
Juice: Pork cuttings, remove the intestines then squeeze water. Add a little salt and sugar to make it easier to drink. It will be better in the summer if kept cold. Use only in small amounts to avoid harming the digestive tract.
Boiled pork chops: boiled peeled, boiled and served with soy sauce is the perfect choice for hard days.
Pumpkin ginger: Pork cuttlefish to leave the skin and seeds to wash away, cut into small pieces. After boiling water, ginger, ginger, dill, salt to cook until soft, seasoned salt and very spicy. You have a cool soup, delicious food and effective weight loss.
Pumpkin Grapefruit and Pomelo: Prepare the pomelo peel to make it white, chopped, boiled with 1 liter of water for 30 minutes and remove the pulp. Use 500g pumpkin peeled, seeded and ground puree, put in boiled grape juice into soup, drink 2 times on an empty stomach will help to lose fat.
Note when using squash
For this belly fat diet you should note some points as follows:
You should still maintain a full breakfast and lunch, combined with green vegetables and various fruits to enhance vitamins and fiber.
At first, if you are not familiar with the food from squash, you can eat pumpkin as a main dish with rice, soup ... Then you gradually eat pumpkin instead of rice completely to reduce really effective weight.
The frequency of use of squash each week is 3-4 times and each time maximum 500g of boiled squash and 1 liter of boiled water.
Note: People with low blood pressure should not lose weight with squash because it is easy to lower blood pressure.
food to reduce belly fat
thức ăn giảm mỡ bụng
People with low blood pressure should not lose weight with squash because it is easy to lower blood pressure
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