How to make a plastic fruit peel jam that few people can make

Surprise with the way to make plasticine pomelo jam
If you want to make a deliciously sliced ​​grapefruit peel, you need a secret. First of all, from the selection of raw materials is the grapefruit peel you also need to have certain standards. Grapefruit peel syrup is delicious to be the grapefruit peel close to, not too old, not too young. If the grapefruit skin is too old vitamin, fiber needed for health will be significantly reduced.
Especially, in order to have crisp crisp grapefruit fragrant delicious not bitter you need to choose depending on each type of pomelos. Grapefruit, grapefruit, pomegranate grapefruit are some common types and are popular with their intestines quite delicious! The grapefruit mentioned above can be used as a marmalade but as long as they are fresh, the quality of the grape must reach the point of view.
How to make sweet peeled grapefruit jam
cách làm mứt vỏ bưởi dẻo
If the grapefruit peel is too old vitamin, fiber needed for health will be significantly reduced
If possible, do not remove all essential oils in the pomelo peel when making jam
Since the pomelo peel contains a lot of essential oil should want to make a bit of grapefruit peel mousse not need to notice the preliminary processing. However, there are some small remarks that: Pre-processing enough to no longer bitter, should not completely remove the amount of this oil because they are good for health.
The process of exchanging scientific information on the role of the ingredients and agents of "pomelo oil" helps prevent cancer has always attracted the attention of the community over time. Studies prove that citrus peel, grapefruit all have more vitamin C, riboflavin, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, potassium than the meat inside. In addition, flavonoids such as tangerine and nobiletin in these types of anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.
How to make sweet peeled grapefruit jam
cách làm mứt vỏ bưởi dẻo
Pretreat properly to retain Flavonoid compounds such as Tangeretin and Nobiletin in the pomelo peel to fight cancer and anti-inflammatory.
A simple way to have a deliciously delicious grapefruit peel
At home, anyone can learn how to make marshmallow peel, but bitter or bitter it is hard to assert. Processing pomelos on tea leaves is quite complex, not to mention the outer shell. Instead of spending time, you can enjoy the full flavor of life by owning a deliciously moist, moisturizing gummy nutmeg jam from NongLamFood's famous food brand.
NongLamFood originated from Nong Lam University. Ho Chi Minh City was established in 2015 and is a member of the center for technology enterprise development. NongLamFood is not only a brand but also a passion for scientists who have been trained for many years in developed countries and passionate about their students for their development. This is also characteristic of the quality of NongLamFood.
cách làm mứt vỏ bưởi dẻo
Possessing healthy gummy peel mousse from NongLamFood's famous food brand.
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