How to make jammy grapefruit fragrant delicious, not bitter

Material to be prepared
To make a grapefruit jam, you need to prepare the following ingredients:
1 grapefruit
150gr alum sugar
35gr of honey
30ml cold water
3 tablespoons salt
To pomelos pomade is delicious, thick and beautiful, when choosing grapefruit you should choose grapefruit or green grapefruit grapefruit. Be sure to make the jar more delicious and quality.
how to make pomelo peel jam
how to make pomelo peel jam
Choose the fresh grapefruit to make sure the jam is delicious
Steps to make the jam mixture of dried grapefruit
The way to make the dried grapefruit peel is extremely simple and easy to follow when you follow the following basic steps:
Step 1: Grapefruit and remove the outer shell. Then cut into fibers not too big.
Step 2: Put the peeled grapefruit into the bowl with 2 teaspoons of salt, then put on gloves and squeeze, stuffed lightly but repeatedly to remove the bitterness in the grapefruit peel, then rinse with cold water. Continue to do the same way on about 2 times, then soak the grapefruit with 1/2 teaspoon of salt within 3 hours. Then wash over cold water and drain.
Step 3: Take the grapefruit extracted seeds and fibers separately in a bowl. Pour some water and boil the almonds with small fire. When sugar is nearly dissolved, the pomelos on the slug 20 minutes. Then add the grapefruit and honey to continue the snail with a small flame.
how to make pomelo peel jam
how to make pomelo peel jam
Lots of jam until the jam is plastic.
Step 4: Slice sugar and stir until hands are slightly sugar, the plasticity and jar color is clear in the kitchen is off. Put the finished jar into the glass jar to use it slowly!
how to make pomelo peel jam
how to make pomelo peel jam
Grapefruit peel moistened after drying
The above is a simple way to make jam mousse cake, easy to do at home. There are many different recipes for pomelos, but depending on the conditions and preferences we choose the most suitable. However, for the quickest and most convenient way, you should use ready-to-eat jams, which can be enjoyed at any time without spending a lot of time and effort. Most important is to find an address, a brand reputation and quality rather than use floating goods in the market. And Nong Lam Food is a perfect suggestion for you. Nong Lam Food is one of the specialized suppliers of natural jams. With the process of choosing raw materials and closed production, meeting the standards of food hygiene and safety, strictly controlled will certainly satisfy all customers.
how to make pomelo peel jam
how to make pomelo peel jam
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