The formula to lose weight effectively with suffering

Why suffer misery helps to lose weight
Passion is an indispensable food in the diet of women
Thanks to the suffering (bitter melon) is able to lose weight effectively? Bitter gourd is essentially a green vegetable, so it contains very little calories and is rich in vitamins. Beta-carotene content in this food is twice as high as broccoli, twice the amount of calcium compared to spinach. In addition to sources of vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, rich phosphorus in this vegetable.
In winter medicine, bitter melon is considered a medicine, extremely good for health.
However, not any way to lose weight with bitter melon is good. Let's take a look at the weight loss formula that is effective and safe for health.
Recipe weight loss with bitter melon
Pomegranate bitter melon: Bitter melon seeds, mashed with 200ml of water, filtered for drinking water. It is advisable to use 1 cup after every 20 minutes. It should only be used for up to 4 days per week. Although it is difficult to drink, please try it.
Weight loss drink effective
Bitter melon tea: yellow star and dried bitter melon slices on a hot pan. Then put in the box stored in the refrigerator. When used as a normal tea, drink 1 cup each day, this formula is extremely safe and effective.
Melon bitter melon: Bitter melon seeds, washed and cut into thin slices. Celery, apple, lemon, cucumber washed clean cut evenly. Put all in a good blender mill puree. After the milling is finished, you filter through the sieve to remove the residue. The way to lose bitter melon by this formula can be a bit bitter. However, you can add some other fruit to the same to reduce the bitterness.
Note when using bitter melon weight loss
Should only use water after meals, should not be hungry because they will be susceptible to gastrointestinal diseases by the welding of this vegetable.
Also, do not eat more than 2 bulbs each time and more than 4 times a week. This will cause diseases such as diarrhea, heartburn, ....
Absolutely no use for pregnant and lactating mothers will lead to the presence of uterine contractions, hemorrhaging extremely dangerous.
In winter medicine, suffering through hypoglycemic effect, so people with low blood pressure so limited use will cause symptoms such as dizziness, headache, faint.
Buy clean food
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